Minnesota's Best 2022

Minnesotans are proud of our home. We should be. The warm, increasingly diverse population who live here have created a rich culture that makes Minnesota a great place to live, work, and play.


Minnesota’s Best celebrates that culture and the organizations that help people here thrive. We seek nominations for the very best of Minnesota’s professionals, businesses, restaurants, and cultural institutions. Though we ask Minnesotans to vote on which of these are the best, we will shine a spotlight on all who are nominated.

How Does Minnesota's Best by Star Tribune Benefit My Business?

When Star Tribune readers nominate you as one of Minnesota’s Best, you’re placed on a ballot with the nominees from each category. Those nominees are then published and promoted by the Star Tribune and voted on by Star Tribune’s vast readership.


Just being nominated gives your business cachet. You can also display the Minnesota’s Best Nominee logo at your locations and in your marketing — signifying that you are one of the best businesses in your category.


And if you win, you get even more recognition. All winners will be published on the Minnesota’s Best website, and in the first edition of Minnesota’s Best Magazine.

Nominations Open