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Minnesota’s Best 2024 voting has come to a close. This year's contest was a great success, with over 1,173,972 votes cast by Star Tribune readers. To finish in the top three positions of your category is a great accomplishment.

As a winner, you are required to read, understand and agree to the following non-disclosure agreement (the "NDA"):

  • The results shared with you are confidential and may not be made public until August 11, 2024 (the “Official Announcement Date”). (The time period from today’s date until the Official Announcement Date is the “Confidentiality Period.”) 

  • To promote Minnesota’s Best 2024, we are publishing a comprehensive winner's guide with excellent distribution, along with our digital destination that will premier on August 11, 2024 at  

  • You agree that you will keep the results confidential throughout the Confidentiality Period and will not publish or promote the results in any way (or allow, permit or assist anyone else to do so) prior to the Official Announcement Date (i.e., August 11, 2024). For clarity, you agree that, during the Confidentiality Period (i.e., from now to August 11, 2024), you will not, except as provided in the following paragraph, disclose or disseminate the results to any other person or entity, whether via website, mobile app, social media, word of mouth, advertising, flier, email, general staff announcement or any other method.

  • The purpose of our disclosure to you about your status is to allow you proper time to create advertising and marketing materials, obtain creative assets, and plan your own announcements pertaining to the results. You agree that, within your own business and with any outside parties you work with on your advertising and marketing, you will share the results only with those individuals (i) who need to know the results in order to create or carry out your marketing plan regarding the results, and (ii) who have signed a written agreement with you that they will keep the information strictly confidential until the Official Announcement Date.

You acknowledge and agree that we may disqualify your business (and any parent company, if applicable) from the contest entirely if you fail to keep the results strictly confidential throughout the Confidentiality Period. 

To indicate that you acknowledge and agree to all of the above (collectively, the "Confidentiality Agreement"), click the box on the beginning of the Business Information form.

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